Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Today Pepsi MAX has released a video showcasing some amazing public reactions to an innovative new use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. As part of its Unbelievable campaign, Pepsi Max fitted AR technology to bus stop advertising boards in central London, giving the illusion of a see-through display… but with unbelievable and unexpected scenes 'mapped' over the live feed.

"DHL is Faster"

In a video that's exploded across the Web over the last two days, we see how delivery services like UPS were tricked into toting around large packages that were essentially mobile billboards saying, "DHL is faster." The stunt was supposedly accomplished by wrapping the boxes in thermo-active foil that, when cooled, hid the message until well after the packages had been picked up by the competition.


Santa Brand Guidelines

Santa brand book – 2013 refresh. Brand guidelines for the world's biggest brand, to make sure the Marketing Elves stay on message.
You'll have all seen and heard about the webuyanycar hoax letter that has gone viral by now... Was it a hoax? Was it a very cleverly disguised marketing ploy? Who cares - it's genius and we are all marvelling at the speed of which the PR and marketing teams have reacted.


Our Favourites From Cannes Lions 2013

Every year, agencies and brands are coming up with more and more unique and creative campaigns that really get consumers thinking and acting. Here are just a few that stood out at the annual Festival of Creativity...

Coca Cola's Magazine Speaker

Nutcase Bike Helmets


Topshop and Google+


Google+ Gay Marriage France

Ribiero Movil Argentina

Des's Mattress Saving Bank


Scrabble WiFi

Like the official game, 'Scrabble Wifi' is a playful way to get free wifi connection by spelling words. People's words served as WIFI passwords, and their scores into free minutes of connection. Based on scrabble rules, the higher the score, the longer the connection.

Scrabble WiFi - Case Study from Ogilvy Paris on Vimeo.

Twitter inspired beer #MashTag

MashTag is the latest alcoholic beverage, launched by Brew Dog, inspired and created by users of social media (Twitter, Facebook and Brew Dog's blog readers).

Brew Dog's fans voted online to determine the name of the brew up to the style and alcohol count.
MashTag is a 7.5% American Brown Ale made with New Zealand hops and ages on hazelnuts and oak chips.

Users got the opportunity to vote to an element of the brew, being provided with a list of suggestions. This gave Brew Dog the chance to explain different stages of brewing and show how the users' choices at that stage influences the final beer they'll end up with, be it determining the alcohol level, bitterness or style.

The name #MashTag comes from the hashtag used to track votes, but the 'h' was switched with an 'm' to represent the 'mash' (or first) phase of brewing.

This is beer for the people, by the people.

#MashtTag, UK's latest user-generated beer 

Why Multiply likes this idea?
- Customer is king! The brand shows this by putting their consumers in the driving seat
- Takes the online voice of consumers to a new level online
- It engages consumers and is informative 

Beer Glass to Stop Antisocial 'Phone Use' Behavior in Bars... Will it work?

So you're in a bar with your friends, looking around, and suddenly realise; everyone is on their phone.
Most people probably have experienced this behavior in our modern society.

A bar in São Paulo, Brazil, called Salve Jorge Bar, unveiled this 'Offline Glass' to help drinkers put down their mobiles when socializing and focus on their friends (as opposed to their screens...), according to the Telegraph.

The Offline Glass will only stay up when resting on a phone! It has been specifically designed with a section of its thickened base cut out, so that it must be supported by a phone...

Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank

Imagine waiting for the bus, minding your own business, and suddenly seeing yourself being turned into a star of your own billboard.

That's exactly what Adobe did. Photoshop genius Erik Johansson showed off his skills and the video has gone viral. It has received more than 13 million views!

We believe it:
- Is innovative and creative
- Makes an impact on people / makes them smile
- Shows off their product

DKNY ArtWorks

This weekend we launched our DKNY ArtWorks activity at Londons Southbank. Part of the global collection of outdoor art installations designed to connect DKNY, New York and art within ten cities around the world. Each original work captures an artistic expression of the New York City skyline within the frame of the DKNY logo, bringing New York to the world. The festival was the top trend on Twitter globally yesterday with #DKNY & #Artworks tags.