Did this invention change the world?

I'm allergic to these little pills and i'm doing a survey to find out who else i know is allegic to the number 3 greatest invention ever and have never been cured by these, so let me know if you a) agree that this is the number 3 greatest invention ever or b) let me know if you are allergic too and get a rash all over your body.

Aspirin, 1899
Little tablets of acetylsalicylic acid have probably cured more minor ills than any other medicine. Hippocrates was the first to realise the healing power of the substance – his related ancient Greek treatment was a tea made from willow bark, and was effective against fevers and gout. Much later, in turn-of-the-century Germany, chemist Felix Hoffman perfected the remedy on his arthritic father, marketing it under the trade name Aspirin.

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