A first?

'This is a world-first piece of public sound art where the people are also the artists.

Come and hear an incredible insight into an ever-present sensory world of central London.' Creator Martyn Ware

Looking forward to SoundLife London's unique sound composition being created by sound artist and musician Martyn Ware, co-ordinated by Arts Co and supported by Westminster City Council.

This composition will consist of an hour looped ‘soundscape’, played from the tree tops of Leicester Square Gardens and will reveal the amazing three-dimensional sound world that surrounds us at all times in the most fascinating and diverse city in the world. It is truly the sounds of our London Streets! We’ve been told it will be a sort of ghostly activity moving and tracking visitors around the space, at others a subtle and ambient musical composition. They’ll be snatches of conversation (so be careful what you say!), Westminster Cathedral bells, noise from local markets, the Thames, transport as well as sporting and cultural activities.

Running from the 4th – 10th June, keep your ears to the ground for this hyper-real, sound experience.

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