hello how are you today?

Its great to see you, please take a seat, i am your specialist who can help to take the pain the away with a completely natural approach, sometimes our remedies will be funny other times entertaining and educating, pop by anytime the clinic is always open.

Doctor, Doctor
I can't stop stealing things
Take these pills for a week; if that doesn't work I'll have a color TV!

Doctor, Doctor
What can I do? I think I'm a pair of curtains?
Pull yourself together man!

Doctor, Doctor
I think I'm a bridge?
What's come over you?
Oh, two cars, a large truck and a coach.

Doctor, Doctor
I think I'm god?
How did that start?
In the beginning there was darkness......

1 comment:

  1. Doctor Doctor, I keep on singing "Why Why Why Delilah"

    It appears you have Tom Jones Syndrome.

    Oh right, is it common??

    Well - it's not unusual!!