Baker, Baker, bake me a cake

I was enjoying tea and cake at the wonderful Terence Conran bakery/cafe/hotel/rooftop bar delight Albion the other day when I was reminded of their marvelous and really very clever foray into technology.
For me, bakers and the internet aren't the most obvious of collaborators but this is actually a match made in sugary sweet carb-filled heaven.

Conran and his team of bakers have installed what's called a Bakertweet so that everytime a fresh batch of bread, cakes, gingerbread men or similar come out of the oven it's immediately shared with their pastry loving twitter friends who can then sit at their desks salivating over the thought of one of their giant cup cakes before temptation takes over and they're handing over hard cash in exchange for tasty treats.
Who can argue with an idea like that? Well maybe Gillian McKeith but a life of dried fruit and nuts won't make you happy will it?

For a minimal cost Albion have gained massive exposure both on and offline as the first people to use Twitter in this way. And no doubt added a few inches to some waist lines along the way.

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