It's tough being a rockstar

So you're a pretty famous metal band adored by leather clad hairy dudes all over the world - headlining stadiums and festivals on a regular basis. You're bored of the usual crates of Heineken and gallons of Jagermeister you're faced with day after day of your gruelling tour. You yearn for something more - something to give you that extra special ego boost.
What do you do? Well the answer is obvious surely: you go to a brewery and get them to create and produce your very own brand of beer.
American metal-heads Mastodon are living the rockstar lifestyle thanks to Mahr's Brau brewery who have produced a limited run of the beer exclusively for this years Sonisphere (which takes place throughout the Summer across six European countries) festival.
This beats Van Halen and their brown M&M demands back in the eighties that's for sure.

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