Hubba Hubba (sorry)

Sorry, that is a terrible heading but you must admit it was an obvious joke just crying out to be used.
So this is not new but it is new (it was some time way back in 2008) to my eyes so I'm sharing it with you. If you've already seen it I apologise but if you haven't then feast your eyes.
This was a stunt for Hubba Bubba by BBDO in Germany. The brief was to communicate the fact that Hubba Bubba make the biggest and most breathtaking bubbles in the vast world of bubblegums (oh yes).
So they decided to have a bit of fun because lets be honest, fun is what bubble gum is all about isn't it?
These giant balloons were created and placed all over cheeky, provocative and generally amusing sites in key German cities to replicate the size, fun and bubble blowing wonder of Hubba Bubba.
Photo above - clear winner and award entry darling if ever I saw one.

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