Meeting venue: Millenium Bridge

Next time you find the board room is booked up when you've got an important meeting to chair why not take a leaf out of Critical Run's book and use the streets of your city as the meeting location?

The concept, entitled Critical Run has been developed by artist Thierry Geoffroy and the purpose is to train the awareness muscle by discussing a topic while running and generally working up a sweat. Distances are relatively short and participants are often dressed in normal shoes and clothes.

The theory behind this experiment is that the passion, drive and fresh ideas are being sucked out of debates and conversation due to our overly relaxed attitudes and environment. By hosting a short urban run while you discuss your actions will invigorate, excite and inspire:

"We see the debates are dying.
They appear wilted, decaying.
The debates are faded.
The chairs have have transformed the debates into interior design.
The sedate debates are ornamenting the walls.
They are like dead relics,
like perspectives or view points,
seen from a chair or a panel.
The debates are like a furniture turned into real estate long time ago"

So far Critical Run has taken place in New York, London, Istanbul, Athènes, Paris, Siberia, Copenhagen, Moskow, Napoli and den Haag.
For more info check the website.

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