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Sorry this is another rambling about yet another pop up space in London. But this time it's in...wait for it... yep you guessed it, it's in Peckham Rye! And a-top a multi-story car park no less!! I know, I know you're already feeling nauseous at the thought of venturing to such climates but stay calm. You'll thank me for it one day.

Open until the end of September Frank's Cafe is a temporary rooftop pavilion in Peckham created by Paloma Gormley - 22 year old architecture student and daughter of Brit Art legend Antony.

Commissioned by the Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham the temporary bar/pavilion sits proudly on Level 10 of the Peckham Rye Multistorey Car Park therefore offering some of the best views across London as well as mouth watering drink and snack delights.

The space is open until the end of September - when it gets to October and onwards sitting outside drinking beer in car parks is an activity surely reserved for booze loving tramps.

For more info go to Frank's Cafe site

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