Pizza mania

One of the problems with ordering pizza when out and about is the difficulty the person delivering the pizza has in finding you. ‘Second bench after the big tree on the left’ isn’t the most helpful of directions. To get around this problem, Domino’s launched a clever summertime campaign providing designated pick-up points for consumers around Amsterdam.

Although still one of the most popular take-aways to indulge in at home, whilst slouched on the couch watching one of those soul destroying 'romantic comedies' starring Matthew McConaughey, Domino’s realised that with summer fast approaching people would be spending more time out of their house (not watching romantic comedies) and would instead be out and about in the parks and on the beaches.

To solve this problem, Domino’s in the Netherlands decided that if the public weren’t going to lurking behind closed doors, they'd bring the doors to the people. The pizza delivery outfit placed branded white doors around popular summertime hang-out spots in Amsterdam. People spending the day relaxing in parks and on beaches could call the number given on the door, order their pizza and arrange a time to pick it up from the delivery boy.

The idea has proved popular with consumers and Domino's summertime sales have increased accordingly. Domino’s doors also have the advantage of putting pizza in people’s minds when they might otherwise have dismissed it.

This is a pretty brilliant idea - if they can nail the festival circuit next summer they will officially be the hardest working and most innovative pizza delivery company on the planet. What an honour!

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  1. After providing a full address, Dominos Pizza gives creatures of convenience in India its metropolotan areas a list of nearby pizza corner that are open for deliver.