Rock and Roll stars

We at Madmedia are trying out life on the road as rock and roll stars for the next five weeks as we tour the UK promoting the new Orange Monkey pay as you go plan and their world's first Hologram gigs. It's the first multi-artist hologram tour and features the virtual skills of hot new stars Pixie Lott, N-Dubz and Tinchy Stryder.

The fun kicked off on Saturday 19th September at Lakeside shopping centre - gigs run every 15 minutes and with no ticket required, anyone can come along and enjoy some Top of the Pops style musical entertainment.

Weaving their way amongst the crowd will be clued-up Orange folk who can tell you more about the Orange Monkey plan, give you a demo of how it works and most importantly, show you how to sign up if you fancy some of that mobile musical goodness for yourself.

The Orange Monkey Hologram gig tour will be heading to the Bullring in Birmingham, Meadowhall in Sheffield, Cabots Circus in Bristol and finally, the Arndale Centre in Manchester so come along and say hi to us and also to a holographic version of Tinchy.

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