The grossest form of advertising (to date)

So we've brought you headvertising, bumvertising, waxvertising and many other oddball ideas with 'vertising' stuck on the end of them. All of them should be commended for their 'out-there-ness' and ability to raise a smile but this new addition to the 'vertising family really does fly high (sorry - bad pun) above the others in terms of it's ummmm... uniqueness.

A German Guerrilla Marketing group have "hired" their over own team of flies to do some flyvertising for them during the Frankfurt book fair. Tiny little ad banners were attached to the flies via wax and then they were sent to fly around the convention center with a message of their client Eichborn, whose logo is a fly. They have been very quick to point out that no flies were hurt taking part in this activity (the wax seemingly naturally dissolves). Although personally I find flies to be totally and utterly disgusting not to mention pointless so I don't feel too sorry for them.

So next time you see an advertising flying through the air be careful (and duck) - there's a fly attached to it!

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