Just like Tom Hanks in BIG

Life can be a bit too serious at the best of times - I think we can all agree on that right?

Well, Volkswagen have realised people need life to be a little more cheery so have developed a theory: The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory states that the best way to make people change their behaviour is by adding a touch of fun to the everyday things in life. According to VW, the theory can be applied to make improvements to the environment or yourself.

This is demonstrated by turning the stairs leaving the Metro into a piano keyboard ala FAO Shwarz's piono in the 80s movie BIG. As people climbed up each step, a different note would play. As a result, 66% more people took the stairs as opposed to the escalator than normal.

Wonder how many people churned out a rendition of chopsticks as they departed for their day of work.

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