Punch Drunk Love

We at Madmedia love Bompas & Parr. They're great and they come up with culinary delights and sweet treats so pretty, so clever, so creative that to eat them feels almost sinful. It seems far more appropriate to pop them in a cabinet and just stare at them transfixed until the end of time.

But they do a bit more than just make extra special super fancy food. The work of Bompas & Parr operates in the space between food and architecture. What does that mean I hear you cry.
Well, their forthcoming project combines these two subjects in a way you'd expect to only read about in fairytales... they're creating a punch bowl. A punch bowl so big you could row a boat on.

A collaboration with Courvoisier, the simply titled Architectural Punch Bowl will be open to the public from December and will live at 33 Portland Place.
The inspiration for this bold build comes from 1694 when the admiral Edward Russell created a punch bowl so large that the cocktail contained 2,500 lemons and was served by a small boy in a boat. Instead of using of of their own cocktail recipes Courvoisier and Bompas & Parr are giving the public the opportunity to reinvent the punch and determine the drink that fills the Architectural Punch Bowl.

Fancy it? Then sail over to the Bompas and Parr site

Bottoms up!

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