You're the one for me fatty

In one of the strangest brand collaborations I'm yet to see Windows 7 and Burger King have joined forces to create the genius that is (drum roll....) 'The Windows 7 Whopper!!!'
Consisting of a mere SEVEN ahem... mouth watering meat-tastic flame grilled whopping burgers packed up neatly in one bun (maybe some salad creeps in there somewhere?) this diet friendly snack is available in Burger King branches all over Japan.
How burgers and computer packages tie together is a little over my head but perhaps the message is lost in translation?
To really whet your appetite I urge you to watch this video of a delightful American newsreader enjoying her Windows 7 Whopper.

Is it lunchtime yet?

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  1. oh and it's something like 2,500 calories. your entire recommended intake. ha.