All girls (and some boys) love shoes and Barbie dolls

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw are her cronies starting having multiple orgasms over shoes women all across the land have decided that Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo's are the most important men in their lives and nothing can get in the way of this (insanely expensive) love.

Obviously many women have to love these shoes from afar given that they retail from £500 upwards so some very smart person at digital designer boutique Net-a-porter teamed up with toy makers Mattel to come up with a cheaper alternative.

Three limited edition Barbie dolls wearing their very own limited edition Louboutins will be available to buy exclusively through Net-a-porter. The dolls are inspired by Marilyn Monroe in appearance and come with not not one, not two but FOUR pairs of Barbie-sized luxury shoes , each in their very own Louboutin shoe boxes, in which delicate tissue paper reveals such miniature delights as lovingly crafted long leopard skin Christian Louboutin boots.

So if you know a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and didn't know what to buy her this Christmas she (or he) could be in for a special surprise.

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