Elf o'clock

It's that time of year again... Shakin' Stevens played in every shop you walk into for the next eight weeks minimum, over zealous middle aged women knocking people out with their shopping mad elbows left right and centre and people eating too many chocolate coins.
Yep it's Christmas time again. Woo. And to celebrate it in the funnest way you can in an office ElfYourself is back back back.
In its fourth year now, the popular ElfYourself from OfficeMax has more goodies than ever. Now people can star in two dances, Hip Hop Elves and Singing Elves, along with favorites from past years. Of course, Facebook Connect has been added so people can easily use Facebook photos from within ElfYourself and post the video to walls. And, yes, Twitter's there as well.

In its past three year's existence, the game has garnered 284 million visits. There was also a flash mob in New York to help bolster jingle bell type hype over this year's outing.

So go on, Elf yourself up and start humming a bit of Cliff Richard under your breath. Or maybe good old Dave in the postroom needs a bit of Elfing up. He's past retirement age now and could do with a bit of fun.


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