The campaign “What U R Missin” is designed to stimulate consumer awareness and interest in aftermarket 12volt products. The website www.whaturmissin.com went live at the beginning of the webinar. The 12Volt Initiative is designed to create consumer awareness and consumer consideration to purchase aftermarket 12volt products.

The campaign overview included a preview of the “Car Dance Mob” video developed to attract the attention of the target demographic on the web. A tour of the web portal led to a discussion of the functionality of a key element in the entire campaign- the store locator.

The 12volt Initiative Fall Campaign and Strategy was formulated on the premise of “thinking like a consumer”. The target demographic was prioritized to be reached by social networking and trends – all leveraged to break through the clutter on the web. The value of aftermarket 12volt products, once established, will trigger consumer response and ultimately send consumers to retailers via the store locator function on the site.

Interested consumers will be able to view images of participating retailer facilities and generate an email to that specific retailer requesting more information. Directions to participating retailers, by zip code, are also part of the store locator function.

Phase 1of the 12Volt Initiative, to cultivate fans and followers using Facebook and Twitter, ect, is already in place. Phase 2, to begin November 23rd. will seed social networking sites with the “Car Dance Mob” video. Phase 3, depending on funding, will be an outreach to bloggers, consumer, and trade media plus category influencers.

The 12Volt Initiative campaign overview webinar received many positive comments instantaneously by email.

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