Eye of the Tiger

So this weeks' obsession seems to be Tiger Woods and his wandering hands (or should that be paws?) - the Mad office for one is going crazy over all this breaking news. Is this because he was a heartthrob and I never realised? Perhaps... I always thought he seemed pretty dull and not particularly pleasing to the eye. But hey, who I am to judge?

Anyway, enough about that. Well actually not enough about that, but enough about my distaste for a man called Tiger.
This classy American airline equivalent to Ryanair meets The Sun - Spirit Airlines, have been quick off the mark with their Tiger Woods inspired-crashingly low priced 'Eye of the Tiger' sale.
See what they did there?

I kind of like the lower-than-lo-fi style of this ad and the failure to even attempt to make this into a remotely clever message.

So if The Sun ever have their own airline this should be it.

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