Beanz means Heinz

In what's deemed to be the most miserable month of the year (Monday the 18th Jan officially being the most depressing day of the year fyi) Heinz came to the rescue.
Located on Shoreditch High Street for a limited period was the 'It has to be Heinz Cafe' - a homely, welcoming sanctuary away from the icy streets, grey skies and angry faces (apparently) .
In their own words "The cafe offers workers the chance to escape the cut and thrust if their work worries with the ultimate in comfort - beans on toast, served up by 'Mum and Dad' in a cosy domestic setting inspired by the typical kitchen" .
The cafe was a trial with hopes to open more in the near future. A suggested donation of 50p per serving was asked for with all money raised going to Help a London Child.

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