Hitching a ride

Tjerk Ridder recently embarked on a tour of Europe. He left his home in Utrecht on January 3rd with nothing more than his packed caraven trailer, his dachshund, and his guitar. Sounds like the beginnings of a bad movie doesn't it?
Instead of hopping in his car and towing the caravan hundreds of miles to reach his destinations, Tjerk is relying on the generosity of volunteers to give him a tow and help him along his way.
Tjerk aim is that his trip will become a metaphor for showing that we need others to get further along in life. He talks with each of the people who help him and collects a resolution from them. He wants to know what people dream about in their lives. Each of these dreams and then written down and sealed in a tin, marked with an expiration date, by which time the idea is that each dream will become a reality.
His caravan has been modified to become more sustainable. Ecostream fitted solar panels on the roof which provide power for lighting, a laptop, and phone.

Just to add to the adventure, as he travels, Tjerk is working on an album inspired by his encounters. When finished, he will preform the entire album live at the World Expo in Shanghai later this year.
He is regularly posting photos to flickr and posting updates to twitter. He is currently in Hungary and on his way to Turkey.

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