I just Skyped to say 'I love you'

I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels handing over a soppy Clinton's card and box of Thornton's chocolates for Valentine's day has a bit of a disappointed feel about it.
If you're anything like me you'll avoid such an uninspired way of expressing yourself and instead you'll aim for the personal touch with something hand-made, hand baked or similar.
The same applies to birthdays, Christmas and other anniversaries or celebrations where declarations of some sincere kind are required.
If you are of the thoughtful creative approach and really really wanted to bake that cake and make that card but just didn't have the time or couldn't quite get the words in the right order then you should call upon the help of Skype.
As part of the new 'Set your message free' campaign, Skype have searched all over the universe to find five wonderfully varied artists to make your messages to a loved one come to life.
Perhaps you want a crazy little man in Tokyo to make you an origami card live on film to express your regret that Bert failed his driving test or maybe you'd prefer Gonzalo to perform your message in a magical way eating fire and walking on his hands. The possibilities are practically endless and all wonderfully human and totally personal.
If you want to send a Skype message to that special someone you just need to go to www.outside.skype.com , click on your preferred artist then Skype them direct with your message.
This is MUCH better than Moonpig.

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