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Nike Grid

We at Madmedia are always willing to salute a strong idea that integrates online, experiential and social media.
Coming off the back of the hugely successful Nike+, Nike's latest venture challenges Londoners to race it out to the bitter end. However for this challenge, runners don't need to invest in smartphones, pedometers or even special Nike branded trainers.

Nike GRID uses the now almost defunct iconic London telephone box to track a runner's progress at designated Nike branded locations. After registering online, players run between two phoneboxes and punch in their unique user id number at each, logging their run and earning them points online.

The more runs, the more points earned for that postcode. The person with the most points in each area claims the crown of that postcode, badges are also awarded for speed, stamina and insider knowledge of the streets. There are 40 postcodes in play and four phoneboxes in each, players are encouraged to use their street knowledge to get them around their local area as quickly as possible by any possible route. There are also maps online and in various outdoor locations.

To celebrate the event, London grime artist Tempa T created a track to motivate runners pre-race. Produced by Skitz Beatz, the video featuring Tempa T performing the track is available to view on YouTube.

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