He sprays, he scores!

SureMen has launched a soccer (or football) sweepstake promotion, SureMen Last 8 Sweepstake, which offers football fans the chance to win cash if their chosen team reaches the World Cup finals in South Africa.

SureMen teamed with model maker Andy Gent to create yet another Rube Goldberg-style machine - not new but always fun to watch these contraptions isn't it?

The machine follows a football which makes a journey past a host of landmarks, representing some of the 32 nations competing in South Africa. References from previous tournaments make appearances throughout the video, as the football knocks over the leaning tower of Pisa, dodges Spanish bulls, and sets Godzilla trampling down a series of skyscrapers.

In the final scene, toy football players are dropped into a toy boat that makes its journey to the shores of South Africa. The trip ends with a sweepstake team being chosen and the tagline "There is an easier way to get your sweepstake team for South Africa."

It's a long winded piece of machinery to get the football gamblers on board but it's definitely worth it just for the fun of this little film

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  1. Goldberg really put the fun back into futility. And advertisers seem to love that.