Matalan Comes To Town

A new Matalan store is opening in Norwich, bringing affordable & stylish fashion and homeware to the public. Matalan wanted our help to shout about the new store and get as many feet as possible through the door on the first few days. Madmedia’s solution… to install a giant inflatable shoe in town! The bespoke inflatable represented one of their most popular sales items and suggested fun and fashion. Brand ambassadors were styled in the latest lines by our very own in-house team Carla and Sarah, adding a touch of glamour amongst the shoppers. We roamed the town offering vouchers, branded balloons and lollies - as a result receiving vast sign-ups for Matalan store cards.

All vouchers, some up to £50, need to be reclaimed on the store opening day, guaranteeing a busy first few days for Matalan Norwich.

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