RedBull X Fighters

The skies cleared and the mud ramps dried just in the nick of time to welcome the latest RedBull X Fighters event to London’s Battersea Power station.

RedBull tasked Madmedia to create a game of interaction to entertain the crowds, using London and bikers as the core themes.

Madmedia’s remedy was to create a giant tube map installation made of bike parts. The Victoria and Central lines were live and in a similar way to a game of Operation, if you touched the lines they buzzed and lit up! The lines were made of copper piping, and entangled with bike parts, chains and exhausts. Station names were replaced with the rider’s names and stats, plus the different locations which X Fighters has visited each year.

Amidst fast-food trailers and bars, the tube installation proved to be an alternative eye-catching piece of entertainment, which attracted people to have a go!

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