Dig Toilets, NOT graves

4,000 children die, every day (Three children every minute of every day). They die because they don’t have proper toilets, so many have to defecate wherever they can. Faeces contaminates everything they touch, eat and drink, causing deadly diarrhoeal diseases.

WaterAid are doing their upmost to drastically reduce this figure..How? They are encouraging donations to build toilets in these deprived areas!
If you happen to be walking along Trafalgar square take a second and have a look at their outdoor ambient solution.

To bring this dreadful statistic to life they have placed Astroturf with spades in the square. Attached to each spade is the awful statistic - "3 children every minute die because they don’t have a proper toilet, donate today to stop this! Toilets last for years, saving lives day after day. So your gift will keep on working".

To donate check out http://www.digtoilets.org/

oh and they have even got a song...

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