Live a Turbo Life - Diesel Style

To celebrate the arrival of Diesel's new patented denim technology 'Turbo Tech' we took to the streets. MADE provided Diesel with a full service delivery including creative, design, artwork for in-store, POS, window displays, guerrilla, social media Facebook tab, competition, ATL including digital escalator panels, digital advans and online.

This video shows the experiential element of our campaign. This has spanned four cities; Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. The aim was to invite consumers to take the Diesel '30 day Turbo Challenge' and to demonstrate the 'Raw to Vintage' ageing effect of the denim.

LIVE FAST, WEAR TURBO. Leave jeans unwashed for 30 days and get your very own customised vintage denim.

To enter the competition and to find out more about the jeans, visit: and click on the 'Turbo Denim' tab

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