The Popularity of the Pop Ups

Hendricks the gin brand, set up its ‘Refined Courtship Clinic’ for a second year running in London’s Covent Garden, a pop-up campaign offering etiquette tips for romantics from the Victorian Era.

Two actors playing the parts of Dr Humphrey Sixwivs and Mrs Isabella Forlornicate hosted the sessions. The duo offered advice from polite body language to acceptable topics of conversation over a Hendrick’s Gin & tonic as they highlighted the economical values of decorum and good grace – as opposed to splashing out on contemporary signifiers of affection.

“It is often said that good manners cost nothing, but little is mentioned about their ability to impress. Basic etiquette and a decent understanding of how to act in the company of others can go a long way to receiving the approval of an admired one,” said Hendrick’s Global Ambassador, Xavier Padovani.

In addition to the Covent Garden pop-up the Courtship Clinic was also staged on the first floor of Selfridges at the Gordon’s bar, directly tapping into the busy Valentine’s shopping frenzy.

The concept behind the promotion focused on turning the basic bar and sampling mechanic into a destination brand experience which enabled participants to engage, and play an active role, in an immersive brand experience.

The activity ran from 10th - 14th Feb 2011.

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