Marmite Hate and Love party election

Marmite launched spoof party political broadcasts as part of a campaign to play on the public interest in the general election.

The campaign, created by DDB, introduces two Marmite political parties, The Love Party and The Hate Party.

Each party had a Marmite-related manifesto and an overall promise, which was to be implemented if they were elected into power.

Television, online ads and a press were all part of the campaign

The Hate Party, representing marmite haters, promises to “Stop the Spread” of Marmite by reducing its production and consumption. The party pledge to introduce designated “Marmite-eating” zones across the UK and to set up a “Spread Offenders List” to expose Marmite lovers. It pledges to enforce a compulsory label change to “Tarmite” and include a bad breath warning.

The Love Party pledge to “Spread the Love” of Marmite and promote its “delicious” taste and B vitamins. Initiatives include developing new ways for Marmite to help tackle society’s issues, such as Marmite flavoured pencils in schools to boost attendance, anger management courses for Marmite haters and to criminalise all acts of “face-pulling towards the Marmite-loving community”.

I am happy to say that the Love Party won!

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