Philips wake up the town of Longyearbyen

Giant electronics company Philips launched an experiment to see if they could “wake up” Longyearbyen in Spitzbergen.
The Norwegian islands of Spitzbergen lies close to the north pole, so far north that the sun does not rise above the horizon for most of the winter months.

Without sunlight or daylight waking up in the morning is an extra struggle, but could a bedside lamp simulating sunrise make the dark winter mornings any easier for this northern folk?

Philips gave the “Wake-up light” to a number of Longyearbyen residents who tracked their experiences of using it to wake up during the winter

86% agreed that the Philips Wake-up Light made it easier for them to get out of bed
81% agreed that they had more energy in the mornings
86% agreed that the Philips Wake-up Light has had a positive impact on their mood
87% agreed that they feel more refreshed, alert and ready for the day

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  1. Great article! Thank you for writing it; especially those with the winter blues, SAD, or sleep problems need to be informed about wakeup lights. However, although Phillip's wakeup lights have great features, unfortunately not all of them are created equal. While some of them are great, others are a problem. They have four or five different models. Unfortunately, some of the models have a non-replaceable bulb and have bulb problems.