1. Swedish reality show gives audiences a taste of the celebrity lifestyle by mimicking the audio and imagery of paparazzi taking their picture using motion sensors to detect when people walk past.

MADE liked this in particular as we produced a similar campaign for Nescafe back in 2004:

2. Great way to kill time at a bus stop, by getting people to interact with your ad in this great touch screen poster for Cadbury Creme Egg.

3. Honda allows users to start the car featured on the Billboard using an SMS shortcode. Very clever use of simple mobile technology.

4. Mcdonald's encourage people to 'catch' a picture of a product they can then redeem for free at the local restaurant.

5. Useful touch screen offers audience local info.

6. Very clever use of Green screen & live video feed to raise awareness of the plight of public sector workers.

7. Xerox enticing interactive touch screen at 12 high footfall locations.

8. Incentive based interactive campaign for new Skunk Anansie album.

9. Clever campaign allowed IBM to match their ad to the audience viewing it!

10. Google give tourists instant photo opportunity!

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