Two Soft Drink Brand Experience Campaigns We Love!

Tropicana wanted to promote the idea that the orange juice drink supplies you with “natural energy”. It came up with the idea of an orange juice-powered billboard. They took hundreds of oranges and attached them to a billboard covered in metal spikes. When the acid in the orange juice reacts with the metal, it creates a chemical reaction that gives off a small amount of energy. With hundreds of oranges, the collected power was enough to light up a neon sign which was positioned on the front of the billboard. After the campaign, the oranges were placed into a compost system that generated biogas.

Danone Waters:

Danone Waters wanted to encourage people to drink more water and so funded an initiative called Hydration for Health. As part of this, they launched a free iPhone app called Thirsty Pete which aimed to teach users about the physical and mental benefits of regular hydration. The app features an animated friendly water droplet – the eponymous Pete – who must be kept alive by being fed glasses of water, much like a Tamagotchi. The glasses of water can only be earned by the user by correctly answering questions about water and hydration. Failure to keep Pete hydrated makes him sad and then causes him to ‘evaporate’.

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