It's raining, it's pouring... but Coca Cola saves the day!

The sky is grey and we've all got wet feet, but that doesn't matter because Coca-Cola are digitally spreading joy.

Coca-Cola have recently been posting riddles on their Facebook fan page. Solve the riddle and you'll have the URL address to a micro-site. Each micro-site contains a "moment of happiness" to experience digitally.
One of the Facebook riddles to solve is:
"Even if they pop I smile,It's no secret why.
The soapy rainbow swirls,
Are magic to my eye.
I love looking up at clouds,
And blowing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the _ _ _ .com"

Which leads to a great little microsite whereby you can blow bubbles using your computers in-built microphone and camera. (Or just using the click of a mouse if you're camera shy).

More riddles are appearing everyday. So when you need a couple minutes of happiness, you know where to go;

What digital 'moment of happiness' do you think will be next? Popping bubble wrap? Jumping in puddles?

Nice, fun work by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Feels nostalgic yet futuristic.

Try and solve this one without cheating:

"Set them up row after row,
Knock them down and watch them go,
It's a toy that the whole world knows,
The simple joy of F_ L L _ _ _ D_ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com"

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