A relief for the homeless?

After years and years of shouting “Big Issue” at passer-bys, they may now have a new-line to say!

BBH New York are trailing an interesting concept which turns a homeless individual into a 4G hotspot. Customers can then pay the vendor cash, or pay online using paypal to use the service. All the proceeds go straight to the individual.

The human ‘hot-spots’ hung around outside the South By Southwest (SxSW) tech conference in Austin, TX where the usual networks are clogged up with hundreds of tech bloggers and journalists

Visit http://homelesshotspots.org/ to learn more about the project.

Some may argue that this idea makes it ‘too easy’ for vendors to make money. However, they will have to stand still for a long period of time, as to not make customers 'out of range'.

It has also been sparking debates about how ethical the scheme is, as it feels as if it’s turning the homeless into an “object”

Plus, this scheme would probably be less successful if utilised in places such as London, where free Wi-fi connections are plenty.

However, it has definitely got me thinking ‘What else is there that homeless people can provide? - Where is there a need?” We're at a time when there's plenty of freebies flying around (i.e. newspapers, on-line publications, free wi-fi hotspots) so what ELSE is there?

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