Packaging that 'thinks outside the box'

Pop-up popcorn Packaging design. Love how the packaging acts in the same way as the product (it pops up). It also cleverly combines beauty with added functionality.

Doritos. This design looks great and is resealable! Would be awesome if they also did a version that incorporated some Doritos dip!

Simple and beautiful! Holds 2 liters of milk. Pouring the last bits of milk through the 'M' must be a little challenging though!

Hanger tea. Just plain cute. Doubles up as an ornamental piece in your kitchen.

Packaging designed to keep your lunch safe from hungry co-workers! Although not safe from the cleaners...

Wine in a can. Who said we had to drink wine from wine glasses?

Nice versatile sports drink bottle! Weighs 0.5 kg when filled.

Bermuda shorts with meat print and appropriate packaging! Like!


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  2. ouhi
    love it. je suis de jepo

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