Nokia 'Amazing Music' by Multiply

Today is the launch of our new and exciting campaign for Nokia.

We were given the challenge of raising awareness of Nokia's 'free headphones with every Nokia Lumia 800' promotion.

As these headphones aren't your average 'free headphones', but are in fact top-quality Monster headphones worth £199, we've based the campaign around 'Amazing Music'.

Our solution; we've designed some eye-catching static clings that advertise the promotion and feature a QR code. Once the QR code has been scanned, the consumer's phone plays the catchy and upbeat song 'Stars' by AshJerona.

Use your mobile to scan the QR code below and have a listen for yourself:

We've also created 'Style tags' - headphone cut-outs that are being placed over clothes hangers in forty-five stores. What's striking about them; is that they sit on the hangers exactly how they would sit around someone's neck. Placing the headphones in a fashion environment also highlights how slick these headphones look- this will definitely catch the fashion-ista's eyes.

Both the static clings and style tags are appearing in six cities across the UK. So wherever you are, have a look out for them and have a scan!

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