Anyone for roof golf?

Who in the world doesn't like the masters of crazy food based fun Bompas and Parr?
If you were in any doubt about your feelings towards these chaps we're pretty sure their Big Rooftop Tea and Golf Party atop the Selfridge's flagship store's roof will cement your love and admiration for their fun-tastic events. 
The store's infamous rooftop has been completely transformed to become a destination for a round of a crazy golf like no other and the highest afternoon tea on Oxford Street.
The the 9-hole, 2,500sqft crazy golf course is designed by British jellymongers and food architects, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr and revisits Selfridges’ first introduction of mini golf on its roof back in the 1930s.
The course has been designed to look like a giant display of cakes, one for each hole, representing famous London landmarks. Participants will be challenged to conquer Buckingham Palace (hole #7), St. Paul’s Cathedral (hole #4) and Tower Bridge (hole #6), all clad in fondant and piped icing and to cross cake-stand bunkers and sugary waterfalls, while successful shots will be rewarded with visual treats. To add to the experience, Bompas and Parr are also ensuring the vision of cakes is accompanied by a suitable and very British scent: that of Bakewell tart via a clever micro-technology system. And just for good, eccentric and absurd British measure, a single red telephone box punctuates the gargantuan landscape. 
To take a trip into what the land of Alice in Wonderland might have been like check the site for tickets and opening times.


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