Eating throughout this movie is ESSENTIAL

London’s Electric Cinema has created a movie experience that integrates a carefully coordinated sequence of snacks designed to enhance viewers’ sensory experience of the story.
There are already plenty of variations out there on the basic cinema such as the floating Archipelago Cinema,but London's Electric Cinema have most recently managed to integrate a carefully coordinated sequence of snacks designed to enhance the viewers’ sensory experience throughout the film's story in a new format entitled edible cinema.
Beginning with its May showing of Pan’s Labyrinth, Electric Cinema’s edible cinema concept is described as embracing the smell, texture and taste senses so that they correspond with what’s happening on screen. This multi-sensory taste sensation heightens the viewers’ experience and truly brings the film to life so we're told.
In case you're wondering, the way it works is that at specific points during the film, large numbered placards are shown to the audience, indicating that it’s time to eat the contents of the corresponding package. Queue noise, chomping and general excitement. For Pan’s Labyrinth, for example, pine-smoked popcorn accompanied a scene that took place in the Spanish woodland, while viewers were treated to a carbonated red grape at the very moment the character Ofelia ate an enchanted one.
 So who's up for an edible cinema screening of Chocolat?

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