Moving house is such a pain...

In the Canadian province of Quebec, July 1st is for some reason, the traditional 'moving house day'. 
Understandably this means things get a bit on the busy side with hiring vans, sourcing cardboard boxes and whatnot so you really need to be prepared for the task in hand. 
Luckily for those who aren't quite as organised IKEA came to the rescue by putting up posters that were also branded moving boxes. With playful tag lines, discounts on new furniture, moving tips and special offers on dinner offers for those without a working kitchen. 
As you can imagine, the campaign proved to be exceptionally popular increasing store traffic by 14% and sales by 24.5% over that weekend. 
Why everyone moves on the same day does still remain a bit of a mystery though.

1 comment:

  1. The campaign is doing well, most probably, because of its applicability. Many homeowners know the stress that comes with moving to a new place that they just couldn’t help passing up on the opportunity to grab the discount. Things instantly feel a lot easier just by knowing that you are not alone in your situation. :D

    Ericka Muldowney