PoolBall - the ultimate pub sport

So it seems that the time has come for some clever creative team out there to combine two of the most loved pub related sports - pool and football. 

Brought to use by the kind people at Budweiser, “Poolball”, is an idea that links three great pub-related passions of men - nightlife pool and fooball. 

So let us set the scene for you so you fully get the picture: 
A giant pool table over 7×3 meters long, with 15 redesigned soccer balls. Two teams of 2 friends standing on top of this huge table playing with the same pool rules. The difference is in “Poolball” you use your feet to shoot".

“Poolball” was launched in an exclusive event where over 600 people enjoyed and had lots of fun with this new sport. There were tunnels, foot games and high precision shots together with good music, women and Budweiser naturally. 

Poolball is now touring around bars and pubs of Buenos Aires. So sorry, unless you want to jet off to try out Poolball you're going to have a bit of wait on your hands. 

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