Discounts to 'Gingers, Germans and Journalists’

Wine retailer Oddbins has kicked off the New Year with a "Love January" campaign offering 10 per cent off for mothers, bankers, journalists, Germans and ginger-haired people.

This weekend Oddbins are “standing up for mums”, who have been hit by the government’s cap on maternity pay and cuts to child benefit.

Oddbins suggests we need to focus on the "good things that banks do”.

While journalists, who have been in the firing line this year, are not all “listening in on our telephone conversations or stalking the celebrities that sell their newspapers".

Germans are being rewarded for “pre-empting the recession” whilst everyone else was “spending wantonly”.

and finally "We love your hair and think 2013 should be the year we all put this nonsense behind us.”

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