Twitter inspired beer #MashTag

MashTag is the latest alcoholic beverage, launched by Brew Dog, inspired and created by users of social media (Twitter, Facebook and Brew Dog's blog readers).

Brew Dog's fans voted online to determine the name of the brew up to the style and alcohol count.
MashTag is a 7.5% American Brown Ale made with New Zealand hops and ages on hazelnuts and oak chips.

Users got the opportunity to vote to an element of the brew, being provided with a list of suggestions. This gave Brew Dog the chance to explain different stages of brewing and show how the users' choices at that stage influences the final beer they'll end up with, be it determining the alcohol level, bitterness or style.

The name #MashTag comes from the hashtag used to track votes, but the 'h' was switched with an 'm' to represent the 'mash' (or first) phase of brewing.

This is beer for the people, by the people.

#MashtTag, UK's latest user-generated beer 

Why Multiply likes this idea?
- Customer is king! The brand shows this by putting their consumers in the driving seat
- Takes the online voice of consumers to a new level online
- It engages consumers and is informative 

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